Sebastopol Geese – Smooth vs Curly breasted

3 reasons why you need both to breed the ultimate goose.

A great question came up recently in the ‘Breeders and Lovers of Geese’ facebook group and I feel like there may be others out there as well wanting to know the answer too. It was from a lady named Linda and it read like this…

To own a well-balanced flock of Sebastapol geese to produce good quality goslings, is it best to run just straight feathered with straight feathered and curly with curly? Also what’s the benefits of the completely smooth straight feathered Sebastapol geese against the smooth fronted kind? Thank you for your time.

Since Sebastopol geese aren’t as straight forward to breed I thought it may be a good idea to write a post about it. So here are 3 reasons why you need both smooth and curly breasted Sebastopol geese to breed the ultimate goose.

1. Silky is not always sexy.

When you just have curly breasted Sebastopol geese breeding together – the longer they breed together the silkier the feather gets, and the silkier the feather gets the less water resistance it has cialis sans ordonnance pas cher. When this happens your geese have a higher risk of getting a chill and all of a sudden you start losing them (which is not fun for anyone… especially the goose), so introducing the smooth breasted Sebastopol goose in to your flock helps broaden back up that feather and improve the water resistance.

2. Let’s twist again, like we did last summer… Actually let’s not.

Another issue you can face when just breeding Curly with Curly Sebastopol geese is you can start to lose strength in the wings and they can develop a bit of a wing twist. Now a little bit of a twist in the wing is ok, and can actually provide a nice bit of shape to your goose. However this will get progressively worse over time and start to drop if you don’t mix them with the smooth breasted Sebastopol geese, so re-introducing the smooth breasted Sebastopol back in to the blood line can help rectify this, as they maintain a much stronger wing structure.

3. Beautiful long curly locks.

Lastly the ideal Sebastopol goose should have a broad long curly feather. And if you just breed smooth with smooth, or curly with curly you’re not going to get this look so every couple of breeding cycles you should inspect your flock for feather and wing quality to ensure you are maintaining a high level of quality in your birds.


It is going to come down to personal preference a bit on how much or little curl you want in your Sebastopol geese, but you do definitely need to make sure you don’t let their feathers get too silky. Once that happens you will start to lose birds. A good place to start inspecting your geese is on their shoulders between the wing base. That is generally where you will start to see thinning of the feathers.

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