Your gander could have a shocking secret, and there’s only one way to find it.

At a certain time each year your birds will come in to breeding season. Now for beginners it can be a little tough to work out whether you’ve got a goose or gander. There is however one sure fire way how to tell if you have a male or female. Vent sexing. Now vent sexing can be a little tricky when you’re starting out – especially with the heavier breeds of geese, but with a bit of practice you’ll be a pro in no time.

Why do I need to Vent Sex?

You may be wondering why you would need to vent sex? There are other ways of identifying a goose from a gander like pitch in the voice etc, but that also takes practice and there are issues that can only be identified by vent sexing. It’s also a good idea when buying from a breeder to vent sex. That way you can ensure all their bits are in tact ready for breeding

One of the issues (as shown in the video above) is your gander could have lost his manhood and you wouldn’t even know. This can happen by another goose mistaking it for a worm after he’s done the deed and the penis hasn’t had a chance to retract yet, or when your gander gets a little too frisky and his penis loses its spring and gets stuck out. If this happens and you don’t realize it can dry up and basically fall off. You then unknowingly pair him up with a goose and wonder why they aren’t breeding. A lot of people can just put this down to infertility, when it’s really a case of the gander hasn’t shown up with the tools to do the job. Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m spending hundreds (sometimes thousands) on geese then I’m going to want to be sure I’m getting the genders I’m after.

N.B. When it comes to a Gander having lost his manhood one of the indications could also be leaking around the vent area or a constant wetness around the vent area, and if that’s not the issue it could be an indication of another issue, so keep an eye out for it.

How to Vent Sex Geese

What you’ll need to vent sex geese

If you’re not keen on wearing long sleeves, especially in the summer heat. You’ll need to get yourself a pair of glass cutters gloves. They’re not too expensive and they’ll save your arms from being ripped up from their nails. You can usually pick them up from your local hardware. Otherwise if you wear a jacket or thick sleeves then that should be enough to protect your arms https://mgpharmacie…-ligne/.

When is the best time to vent sex

The breeding season is the easiest time to sex geese as that is the time when all their bits are a bit more active and readily available. You can still do it outside of breeding season, but it can be a little harder to produce the goods… especially when you are still learning.

How to hold the goose

Once you have yourself a goose to try vent sexing with you can either sit or stand depending on the size of the goose and what you find easier. You’ll now need to turn the goose upside down with its rear facing outwards and tuck it’s head under your arm or between your legs covering their eyes to settle them securely so it can’t try and bite you. Now you’re ready to try and produce the goods.

Unleashing the beast

Use your fingers to push the down back away from the vent so you can see what you’re working with. Then, use your fingers to massage and apply pressure just below the vent on both sides. Stroke firmly press/pull the vent open. Geese are pretty tough, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about hurting them.
When you’re staring out you’ll need to take your time and be patient, the goose is ok for a while in that position. They should be fairly relaxed with their eyes covered, so use that time to get a feel for it and work out the right pressure/motion you need to get the desired result. The Video above should help with the visuals of what you need to do.

What to expect

Males will have a spiral shaped penis with small hair-like spikes on it. In the unfortunate event your gander has lost his manhood, generally you’ll see more of a stump like feature (as shown in video). Females will not have a penis, but with time and practice you will come to know what the female bits should look like too.


As I mentioned it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s good to still practice with someone thats more experienced. when you get the bigger heavier breeds it becomes a lot more difficult to do if you don’t have the appropriate experience, so working with a knowledgeable breeder while you’re learning can make the experience a lot easier on you.

You can also learn to identify the different sexes by the pitch of their call. They differ from breed to breed, but generally females have a deeper grunt sound, where the males have a much higher pitch in their call. This also takes time to learn and at the end of the day there’s no surer way than vent sexing.