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National Poultry Show

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Nationals Poultry Show 2016

National Poultry Show

June 10, 2016 - June 12, 2016


It is with pleasure we announce the National Poultry Show will be held in Sydney over 10-12 June 2016.

It will be hosted by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), managed by the Poultry Committee of the RAS in conjunction with experienced organisers from other Royal Shows.

The 2016 National Poultry Show is an event for all clubs and exhibitors to become involved in, it is an occasion everyone can participate in and enjoy. In fact, if fanciers don’t pull together to make it a success the concept of a National Show may become history.

Dr Harry with sebastopol gooseWe are also very excited to announce that Better Homes & Gardens host Dr Harry Cooper will be the ambassador for the National Poultry Show in 2016. Dr Harry and his passion for all things poultry makes him the perfect person for the job. With so many years experience in the area of poultry he will also be well suited to his role as one of the judges at this year’s show.
A Backyard Pavilion will be operating as well as the Exhibition Pavilion to demonstrate the suitability of hens as backyard birds. Displays of hen housing and gardens, a food forest, lecture areas, club stalls and commercial booths will be integrated. In addition, there will be a decorative egg competition, a red chook spectacle, Pigeons, Koi Carp, Caged birds and a display area for promoting new colour varieties of purebreds.
We are keen for all clubs to participate whether it is by lodging entries, sponsoring a class or offering help over the 3-day event.


Schools Program

The National Poultry Show invites both primary and secondary schools to experience and learn about the diverse and expanding poultry world. Download our National Poultry Show schools flyer below and mark the date in your calendar.


Flyer – National Poultry Show for Primary Schools

Flyer – National Poultry Show for Secondary Schools

How you can help

  • We welcome suggestions and ideas. Please include contact details so we can obtain more detailed information.
  • Consider donating to the prize list as a club or individual. Details of how to do this will be included in the next news bulletin.
  • Could the club benefit from running a stall at the National? Consider items that could be sourced for sale and start planning now. Details of sizes and cost of stalls next bulletin.
  • Sharing transport will reduce costs. In 2012 one Qld club hired a minibus, could this suit your club?
  • Do you have youngsters in the club? We are planning decorated egg classes for the first time so encourage juniors to start practising their decorative skills.
  • Volunteers will be needed over the weekend as guides to show and explain purebreds to visitors. Could the club help out for 1-2 sessions?
  • Meeting facilities will be available at the Sydney showgrounds, specialist clubs should plan to hold meetings when Australia-wide members will be present. Opportunities will be outlined later in the year.

Keeping you informed

The 2016 National Poultry Show organising committees aim to keep fanciers informed on plans for the show as they develop. It is anticipated quarterly news bulletins will go out to all interested clubs and individuals.
If you would like to register your interest or need further information, please complete the Expression of Interest form and return to Kerry Pearce by email kpearce@rasnsw.com.au.

Entering the Competition


The schedule for the National Poultry Show is now available, and can be found by clicking here! To register your interest please contact kpearce@rasnsw.com.au or phone (02) 9704 1270.


Please ensure that you read the National Poultry Show Schedule. Exhibitors are bound by the terms and conditions set out in the RAS General Regulations, the National Poultry Show Schedule and the conditions detailed in each Application for Entry. Please ensure that you have read these documents.

Entering the competition

Online applications for entry into the competition will be available from Monday 7 December 2015.

Exhibitors wishing to complete a written application for entry form will need to contact kpearce@rasnsw.com.au or phone (02) 9704 1270 and request to have a pack posted out.

Entry Fee

All entries are at the flat rate of $9 per entry including breeding trios etc.

Number of entries

The maximum number of entries at the 2016 National Poultry Show is 7000. At this stage there is no restriction being applied to the number of entries per exhibitor.

Schedule for the Show

Bump-in (penning): Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June 2016

Judging: Friday 10 June 2016

Poultry Auction: Saturday 11 June 2016

Presentation Evening: Saturday 11 June 2016

Show open to the Public: Friday 10 June until Sunday 12 June 2016

Bump-out: Sunday 12 June from 4:00pm for Exhibitors more than 450kms from the Sydney Showground and Monday 13 June 2016 from 8:30 for all local Exhibitors. Please note that no exhibitors will be permitted to depart earlier.


Show Security

Security at the National Poultry Show will be managed in the following manner:

  • All Exhibits will be allocated leg tags numbers.
  • Exhibits will be penned and unpenned under the supervision of Penning Stewards. No birds will be removed from pens without a Penning Steward.
  • Exhibition Pavilions will be fully locked down outside of Show hours.
  • Security guards will patrol the site out of hours.
  • During the Show white coat Stewards will monitor the safety and wellbeing of Exhibits on Show.
  • A veterinarian will be on duty to monitor the health of all Exhibits.

Selling Birds at the Auction

Exhibitors will be able to nominate birds for sale at auction on entry forms. This will be at a cost of $6 per entry. Please note that no nomination for auction will be taken after the close of entry date.

If birds are purchased at auction they will be available for collection under the normal unpenning arrangements at the end of the Show.

Book a Stand

Do you do business with Exhibition Poultry Exhibitors?

Booking a stand at the 2016 National Poultry Show will provide your business with the perfect platform to present your products and services to a target market of exhibition poultry owners, potential owners and fanciers.

If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity contact Owen Glover at owenglover5@bigpond.com. You need to get in quick as numbers are limited and pre-bookings are already underway.

Do you want your breed club to stand out from the crowd?

Booking a stand at the 2016 National Poultry Show provides you a great opportunity to attract new members, promote and sell your club’s merchandise and services to a target market of exhibition poultry owners, potential owners and fanciers.

If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity contact Owen Glover at owenglover5@bigpond.com. You need to get in quick as numbers are limited and pre-bookings are already underway.


Public Entry to the Show

Public tickets to the 2016 National Poultry Show are just $10 per person and will be available from the entry gates from 10-12 June 2016.

Please note that tickets will not be available to purchase online.

Presentation Dinner

The 2016 National Poultry Show Presentation Dinner will be held on Saturday 11 June 2016.

All details of the Presentation Dinner will be made available from  Monday 7 December 2015.

***information from rasnsw.com.au***


June 10, 2016
June 12, 2016
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